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These are pre-fabricated living space solutions that can be produced and applied in a short time, which ensure quick accommodation solutions.
These can be regarded as the most suitable solutions for various corporate or public needs such as construction site, social facility, hospital, school, office, dining hall, dormitory and disaster accommodation. These structures can be disassembled and re-installed; they can be adapted according to different geographical and climatic conditions by applying different insulation features.
More and more customers are choosing pre-fabricated living spaces due to their practical features, affordable costs and quick solutions.
Kızılay System Building can produce structures with demanded special dimensions; it can offer single-storey or multi-storey building solutions suitable for horizontal architecture.
Advanced Impermeability
Heat Abduction Blocking
Optimum Product Transportation
With light gauge steel structure system; safe and useful buildings are offered thanks to galvanized light gauge steel profiles and bolted connections. Since galvanized materials are connected without welding, rust is prevented and safer structures are obtained.
In the matter of earthquake resistance, light gauge steel structures are more preferred due to their light and flexible structure compared to reinforced concrete structures.
Via light gauge steel structures, various size and design options are offered for different usage areas; such as housing, school, hospital, conference room, multi-storey office, warehouse, dormitory and hotel.
The construction process of light steel structures is not affected by climatic conditions. They can be easily built on all floor conditions. They provide high energy efficiency. Compared to reinforced concrete structures, the production time is much shorter.
Thematic or Concept Housing - Project Solutions
Facade and Roof Solutions Suitable for Different Geographical/Cultural Regions
Long Service Life and Ability to Assemble & Disassemble Many Times
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