Working in Kızılay System Building

Working in Kızılay System Building

Kızılay Investment and its affiliates are an innovative and entrepreneurial enterprise of a well-established tradition of humanitarian aid that dates back 152 years. With its rapidly growing structure, agile and dynamic business processes; it provides its employees with opportunities for fast-track development at the group companies that are either the leaders or on the way of becoming leaders in their respective industries.
Unlike all enterprises it competes with, each employee of Kızılay Investment and its subsidiaries not only reap the financial benefits of their efforts, but also become a part of a much larger humanitarian aid and social benefit movement.
Human Resources Mission


Kızılay Investment and its affiliates provide all of its employees with a participatory, fruitful, and transparent work environment where they can realize their true potential and reflect it on their work performance.


Human Resources Vision


Kızılay Investment and its affiliates target to become an organization where current employees are happy to work at and target candidates want to work at the most; by creating a workforce that has a strong sense of belonging, that internalized the values of Kızılay, that is open to constant learning and development, and that always focuses on efficiency.


Human Resources Principles


  • Ensures that processes are constantly improved and developed through the active participation of employees.
  • Designs processes in a way that they generate high added value, with the awareness of accountability to the society.


Recruitment Activities


  • Recruitment of Experienced Human Resources: Kızılay Investment and its affiliates conduct recruitment processes for job openings that require experience, with evaluation efforts based on competency, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Recruitment of Fresh Graduates: Kızılay Investment and its affiliates aim to raise the future leaders of Kızılay Investment by bringing fresh graduates with high potentials into the fold. It subjects the candidates to the most recent assessment center practices and processes.
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